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Lila Tan is a part of Girls Write Now because she wants to learn how to improve her writing skills and incorporate it with digital media. She also has a passion for STEM.
      Lila lives in Brooklyn, NY and is currently in the tenth grade, attending Baruch High School. She enjoys reading Young Adult books in her free time. Lila enjoys writing because it lets you express however you want and in many types of methods. Her favorite platform to work with is Tumblr because it showcases many types of art, from writing to photography, and many more. It expresses diverse ideas and interests that appeal to a lot of people in the world.


Perrin Ireland combines skills as a graphic facilitator with a passion for visual storytelling, making consumable science stories on the fly by graphically recording science events. She also works with scientists, policy analysts, and environmentalists to tell their science stories through animations, visual essays, and infographics. She has led science scribe trainings across the country, and at NRDC, to empower scientists to doodle up their work and let their scribe shine through.

I went to a Cat Café in Chinatown called Koneko and took pictures there. It reminded me of my favorite work so far this year in Girls Write Now, which was the collaborative poetry zine I wrote with my mentor. I felt like I showed more of my creative side in that project, and through this final project, than others we’ve worked on this year. I love working with social media, which is a realm I’m really comfortable in. This project combines my love of cats, and their personalities, with my love of Tumblr. —Lila Tan


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