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Nerd. Fangirl. Weeb. Coder. Writer.

Nyasiah, who also goes by Ny, is a nerdy, quirky gal who loves to share her thoughts with the world! She is a third-year mentee at Girls Write Now and is also the Youth Board Co-Chair. Her loves include watching anime and older generation cartoons, all things Disney, playing video games, drawing, reading comic books and mangas, using her laptop, and eating ice cream.

Fun Fact: She's really into J-Rock and K-Pop!


Marcy Gooberman is a graphic designer who specializes in mobile and web design, as well as motion graphics. She is passionate about designing for health, education, and youth. Marcy is most known for her senior thesis at the Maryland Institute College of Art called gurlworld which is a safe sex app for teen girls. 

You received a love note from a secret admirer recently and there are three cute suspects. Was it Kyung, the Gentleman? Parker, the Shy Guy? Or maybe it was Eun, the Wild Guy! Play this RPG game and find out who you get!

—Nyasiah Colon

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