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The idea for this podcast came directly from news headlines with a desire to get real views from people off the street. To create this piece, I wrote a script outlining the points that I wanted to make. Then, I interviewed people in the lobby of The New School and recorded my own thoughts on the topic. Finally, I recorded narration and combined interviews and sound to produce the finished piece.




Revolutionary Moment

One definite revolutionary moment was when my mentor and I met up together outside of the Girls Write Now program, not to work on a portfolio piece but just to hang out. Right before Christmas break, the two of us gathered at Streetbird Rotisserie, an Afro-Asian-Soul food fusion restaurant in Central Harlem. There was good food (chicken and red velvet waffles), good people (us), and good ambiance (funky interior design). We discussed all sorts of matters, sharing tales from our personal, academic, and professional lives. All in all, it was a great memory made.


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