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Diamond Abreu



Gravitational WavesDiamond Abreu


The idea for the podcast came from news-reports about gravitational waves, a topic which did not blow up as much as celebrities doing normal everyday things. Through this podcast, I wanted to show the importance of this new discovery in a way that makes it fun and interesting. Even though it was quite difficult to edit and create, it was validating in the end to see the end product. The first thing I did was create a script, but I knew doing that for the rest of the podcast would make it sound boring for listeners. I decided that for the bulk of it I would have an unscripted interview with my physics teacher about gravitational waves.


It took a lot of tries to record my parts perfectly but even though there were a lot of frustrations, getting it right left me overjoyed. Most of the technical skills I used came from trying new things and experimenting with programs such as Audacity and Adobe Premiere.


Revolutionary Moment

There wasn't a specific revolutionary moment that we would single out, the revolution happened over time. Every time we met, we tackled different problems, and made sure to leave time to just talk about nerdy, everyday things. When we met up to work on the podcast, we listened to tutorials on audio editing, but in the end we came up with really great solutions just by trying different things out, and having fun in the process.

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