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This video was inspired by a $7 guitar I bought at a thrift store, and my mom’s countless film slides. I decided to make a music video using these film pictures with my song about feeling stuck. I felt that many people could relate to feeling stuck. Living in a time where everything and everyone is trying to move and create as fast as possible, it’s easy to feel like you’re moving too slow. I wanted to show the frustration of being stuck, yet the beauty of remembering to stop and look around once in awhile.​ —Glafira Shanabrook



Glafira is a sixteen year old attending the Institute for Collaborative Education. Glafira's free time revolves around neuroscience, writing, and wandering the city with her friends. She aspires to be as funny as Amy Poehler, as observant as Malcolm Gladwell, as outgoing as Oliver Sacks, and to marry John Cusack one day. Her favorite shows include The Office, Parks and Recreation, Misfits, Inbetweeners, and last—but definitely not least—It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Meditating, swimming in lakes, hanging out with her friends, swinging, exploring nature, and walking around in parks are Glafira's absolute favorite things. Glafira speaks Russian and lives in Manhattan. She is also currently very stressed about the future and college, but which sixteen-year-old isn't?


Kim Thai is a writer, producer and marketer. She has spent the last four years concepting large-scale marketing campaigns for MTV's shows and now develops, produces and writes original web series and digital shorts for the network's fan communities. In addition, she writes and produces her own projects, and consults companies on digital strategy and content development. She has written for almost 10 years, with 5 years of editorial and reporting experience, including (but not limited to) USA Today, the Associated Press, Fortune Magazine, and for major publications throughout Texas. In her career, she has won several awards for her reporting and marketing, including two Shorty Awards and a Webby.

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