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I developed a song through my scrambled notes, and I wrote a really simplistic melody on the guitar and recorded the song. I then gathered all of the film pictures my mom had collected over the years and scanned them to create a music video. I had found a picture of a small girl looking out into the ocean. I decided to keep that photo constant within the entire video and to have different transparent pictures change around her, representing how although she may be stuck compared to everything in motion, she is enjoying the beauty of being stuck. I used iMovie to put them all together and after I recorded the song on my iPhone, I placed the song in the video.


Revolutionary Moment


Kim and I go to a small cafe on 190th called Cafe Bunni, and we’re constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to integrate different pieces of artwork together, like my love for neuroscience and my love for writing into science-fiction essays. So, when I told her there was a song I had been working on we immediately began brainstorming ways we could combine my songwriting with digital media. When the music video was finished it was a really good feeling to be proud of something that had popped up in one of our brainstorming sessions.

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