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Passionate, determined, and optimistic are some of Gia's best qualities. Gia knows she can do anything she puts her mind to, and that nothing will ever stop her. She is an outstanding student, with an overwhelming creative mind, and a strong master plan for changing the world.


Currently, Tracy works on the editorial team for the education website Noodle. Her writing history is varied: She has written fiction about cats and a master's thesis on Roman slavery; published online about South Bend's best dive bars and best practices for online marketing; blogged, typed, scribbled, and spec'd. The meaningful, ongoing relationships Girls Write Now fosters is what drew Tracy to it, and she sees it as much of a learning experience for herself as a mentorship program.

“You think of yourself as humans searching....”


There are three mindsets:

Art / Religion / Science

—Gia Ramos

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