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3 different WORLDS




Reflect on your choices in life. If you realize you aren’t happy, evolve. Not just for yourself, but to help someone else.

Everybody talks about society, but you are one of the people who are part of it. Being in your head doesn't do anything.

My inspiration for this was my love for art and just the way I look at the world. I try not to be too conventional, so I look at the world in multiple ways. I found 3 main ideas but whereas in life, they all connect. I want to share this because I feel like people are too afraid to think for themselves and strive to fit into today’s society. I’m tired of people complaining about the rules but have done nothing to change it.

I question why we all follow the rules but don’t question the people who put them in place or question where the idea came from, especially when we don’t agree with all of them.


Revolutionary Moment

Revolution is a complete change; that has not characterized our relationship. It’s been an evolution, stemming from an initial point, like a flourishing tree. The moment of its planting is the initial point, and it only continues to develop. Each branch are moments we shared. They're different, but are all significant. We grow as individuals and together.


This is because of the trust we place in each other. Trust is established by gradual sharing of more and more. Yet from the start, we felt we could be real with each other.


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