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Gia Deeton is a writer/songwriter who lives in Chinatown, Manhattan. She is in tenth grade and attends Baruch College Campus High School. This is her first year as Girls Write Now mentee. She is passionate about writing songs, personal essays, and sharing her story through writing. Writing and the arts have always been an important aspect of her life, especially when it comes to music. She is a bassist and singer in multiple rock bands, and dabbles in guitar and drums as well. Self-expression through hair dye is also a skill of hers, as her hair has been up to 5 colors thus far.


Lindsay Zoladz is the pop music critic at New York Magazine. Previously, she was an editor at Pitchfork, where she also wrote "Ordinary Machines", a column about music, identity and the internet. Her writing has also appeared in Bitch, Slate, Bookforum, The Believer, and more. She lives in Brooklyn.

Houseplant Haiku is a light-hearted digital poetry zine that includes artwork and a collection of haiku that I have written throughout the year. Zines are an ideal platform to use for poetry. This project presents my vision of what houseplants would be thinking or saying, if they could do so. Since the project was so open, I had an amazing time creating every aspect of it. It represents my best work because this project combines my interests in writing and art, and it also allowed me to apply the digital zine making skills that I learned this year. —Gia Deeton


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