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After our poetry zine workshop, I started experimenting by creating poems from three different perspectives about the same situation. One of these poems was from the perspective of a houseplant, which was extremely fun to write. Lindsay and I were at a quiet café on a rainy day when I showed the poems to her. She was so inspired by the houseplant poem, that she suggested that we write poems about plants, just for fun. All the poems we wrote were Haiku, which fit the tranquil mood. We made this into an ongoing project and transformed our creations into zines.



Revolutionary Moment

It was the first snow of the season. But the weather didn’t stop us from reaching our important destination: the ABC NoRio zine library. We were there to get inspired, because Gia was about to start her own zine. It was unlike any library we’d ever seen before: zines as far as the eye could see! Gia pulled a stack of Bitch magazines off the wall, and Lindsay exclaimed, “I’ve written for them!” It was so freezing in the unheated room that we left our coats on, but we were enjoying reading zines so much that we didn’t even care.


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