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Altagaracia Diamond Abreu—quite a long name right? Ah, how preserved her Spanish culture is . . . Anyways, call her Diamond. She is a sixteen-year-old girl living in the Lower East Side with her parents. Diamond is your average eleventh grader at Millennium High School, with dreams and aspirations of surviving the school year. Diamond is in Girls Write Now because she loves writing. Her dream is to write the next big thing but not just any ordinary big thing: an original sci-fi story that'll blow your mind! She is a huge comic book nerd who loves anything Batman and sci-fi.


Dora Vanette is a design historian and a first-year mentor with Girls Write Now. She is a lecturer at Parsons The New School for Design where she teaches courses on design history and critical reading and writing. Her research and publications have focused on modernist design in the Eastern Bloc and design education. She has developed lectures and courses for a variety of museums and design organizations. Her writing has appeared in several publications including Dwell, Metropolis and A Women’s Thing, as well as in European and U.S. exhibition catalogues.

This podcast explains what gravitational waves are through an unscripted interview with cool sound effects to make the topic come alive. What inspired me to choose this subject was my love for sci-fi. I wanted to change the way things like this are usually seen—as boring or "too nerdy." However, they are not. This podcast shows how gravitational waves pertain to everyone and how they will affect all of us in the future. This represents my best work because it proves how sci-fi is indeed becoming more of a reality. In all of my works, I attempt to write about sci-fi in a realistic way that makes the reader feel connected. This podcast captures both the real world and my goal in writing as well as speaking about sci-fi.​ —Diamond Abreu


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