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Denice Griffith joined Girls Write Now because she wanted to develop a more mature writing style and create fictional stories. She wishes to combine her Film/Animation and Media Communications Major with her love for writing and make something truly spectacular. Besides her love for writing and reading, she is very passionate about helping people who are less fortunate. This is why after she finishes Optometry school, she would like to join Doctors Across Borders. Denice's favorite color is a dark, light blue. She loves (and hope to have two one day) puppies. Her favorite places are her bedroom and the beaches of Barbados. Denice's favorite subjects are Biology, Physics, English, American History, World History, and Economics (maybe).


Elisabeth Donnelly. Here to rock.

Connie “April” Jefferson is a 19-year-old college student. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Creative Writing. One day while deciding whether to overdose of drugs or not she meets Jody “Lostie” Heanly a drug addicted, damaged, rock star. He invites her on an adventure (Roman Holiday) with his band that will teach her about herself and push her to live. —Denice Griffith

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