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Caroline Lin is a junior at the Marymount School of New York. She lives in Midtown Manhattan, but always explores and gets lost in other parts of the city. Her observations from wandering around and her Asian-Brazilian background greatly influences her writing. Caroline prefers fiction and poetry because they allow her to express the ideas that she doesn't normally speak aloud. She has received a Butler Scholarship and two silver keys in the Scholastics Writing Awards. This is her first year at Girls Write Now. 



Ashley is a writer and editor living in Queens. She came to New York City to study fashion design and soon realized that her heart belongs to the written word. She has since studied English Literature and Journalism at Brooklyn College, exploring interests in photography and multimedia storytelling. During that time, Ashley worked in the Department of Marketing & Communications at LaGuardia Community College - the place that pushed her to finally see herself as a student and a writer. 

In 2012, Ashley lived in Paris, France while conducting research for her undergraduate thesis, "Female Writers of the African Diaspora and Their Influence on Cultural and Ideological Movements of the Early Twentieth Century." Literature and women continue to be two of her favorite subjets to read and write about.

Her other interests include higher education, cooking, French culture, distance running and creative fundraising. Ashley has volunteered as a blogger for the Astoria Art Festival and worked as the first Features Editor of Idlewild, a Queens culture magazine. She continues to write features for Idlewild, now approaching its fourth volume. Ashley is currently back at LaGuardia, working as the President's Honors Alumni Fellow, learning everything she can about higher education and doing her small part to champion community colleges.

I designed a website to show the city’s nature as well as a natural aspect of every New Yorker’s life: the subway. I was inspired to focus on nature because of the beauty of the trees in Central Park and in the backyard of my apartment building. Also, I wanted to address subways since they have been an integral part of my daily life. This website shows the progress that I have had this year in the program as I learned to create a website on Wix, to write about a vast amount of topics, and to express myself in different genres.​ —Caroline Lin


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