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The idea for this project first came to me when I was strolling in Central Park, staring at the trees and thinking about the various designs that the branches create. After talking to my mentor, we looked through the different resources from the workshops and realized that Wix would be the optimal choice for my piece. After that, I started to take pictures of the nature around me and write about it. Later on, I also decided to incorporate the subway to complement the focus on NYC.



Revolutionary Moment


A revolutionary moment in our mentoring relationship was when Ashley had the idea to create a “writing notebook.” In that notebook, I always feel free to write about anything in my life. We would always alternate who had it and we tried to learn more about each other. During our meetings, Ashley had introduced me to journalism, exposed me to the writing communities around the city, and helped me experiment with iPhone writing apps. However the notebook was different, it had shown me another way to form a relationship; one that isn’t purely based on meeting and speaking but on writing.

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