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Hello America,  Xiomara is a representative of Harlem. She goes to Columbia Secondary School and is in the eleventh grade.


Alexandra (Alex) Ossola is a freelance science journalist. She writes about medicine and biology for Popular Science online and contributes articles about science and education to publications such as Newsweek, The Atlantic, Nautilus, Motherboard, and Brain Decoder. After years of leading community service trips to Latin American and mentoring students in Washington, D.C., Vermont, and New York City, Alex is thrilled to connect with young female writers and seeks to empower them to achieve their loftiest goals.

This piece is a video inspired by my personal experience dealing with major depression. It is a piece about a girl with depression making a short clip about depression. I think it represents my best work because it is a topic that is so close to me. Also it isn’t a topic that is really talked about. It’s really hard to explain what it feels like to have depression and really hard for people without depression to understand. And my goal of this video is to give people some insight. —Xiomara Soto-Jerome


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