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Her name is Xena. Yes, she was named after Xena the Warrior Princess if you were wondering. She is currently in the Digital Media Mentoring Program but participated in the Writing & Mentoring Program last year. She is a senior in high school and this will be her last year as a mentee at Girls Write Now. Not only is she a writer, she is a photographer as well. Xena wants to combine her photography and writing to create stories that can be felt more deeply, giving her audience a visual representation for each story.


Jeanne Hodesh is an M.F.A student at Hunter College. She writes about food, travel and lifestyle, and has a background in non-profit communications, research, and copywriting.

BLANEX is a blog that revolves around my photography and the crazy adventures I went on to capture the images. Through BLANEX I have been able to finally connect my photography and writing, further exploring my creativity through storytelling using different mediums. This blog also features music that I am currently listening to, what is going in my life, my poetry, and some political ideas that are running through my mind. BLANEX is basically my online diary. —Xena Leycea Bruno

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