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After visiting the Museum of the City of New York, I was inspired by this one particular exhibition called "Low-income housing / New York City Housing Authority". I was inclined to take a closer look and later conduct more research in my own school's neighborhood (located in Harlem) and on "project kids". I then decided to write a story and make it come alive digitally through the use of PowerPoint and other computer software programs.


Revolutionary Moment

Terry and I's revolutionary moment was definitely when we visited the Museum of the City of New York together. Not only were we able to experience New York on a closer scale, we explored our own views on a lot of the different topics that were displayed at the museum. We then had a long conversation about both the advantages and disadvantages of living in low-income housing / project housing. Afterwards, I was inspired to put someone's story out there. With Terry's help, I was able to bring my story to life.


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