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This idea came off the top of my head. What inspired me to go with this idea was thinking about my high school graduation and college. I am looking forward to my life after high school. I am anxious, but I feel I am ready to take on new challenges. I want a prosperous life for myself and I am ready to work towards that. At first I used a programming language called Python, then I played around with a 3D modeling creator called Blender. Trying to make a 3D model of a human turned out horrible, so I took that idea out. I then used a bit of Audacity to make a voice for my character. I couldn't upload it into my scrapbook, so I took that idea out as well. I took some pictures for my scrapbook and used some images online. I also made an apartment layout and took screenshots of it to put in my scrapbook.


Revolutionary Moment

When Kelly and I began Girls Write Now's Digital Media Mentoring Program, we completed an exercise to get a sense of what types of genres or projects would be interesting to write about. Our list ran the gamut—from screenplays to audio to coding—and we tried most of them. The most memorable was an exercise where we sat in a coffee shop and eavesdropped, pulling snippets of dialogue from real conversations. But by process of elimination, I learned a lot about what I actually do like.


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