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Sharon Young is a high school senior at The High School for Math, Science, and Engineering. She started writing stories in the second grade and never stopped. In her spare time she enjoys photography, daydreaming, walks in the park, and cupcakes.


Veronica Black. An optimistic white girl, she enjoys long walks, taking pictures of her dog, eating, and being creative. She seeks like-minded thinkers.

I feel like the year was split into two parts; one part before summer and with a second part in the fall. I want to capture the feeling I have at this moment. I want this to be a time capsule of what I've learned over the years, especially learning to open myself up at Girls Write Now. I used to write fairy tales mainly mermaids and fairies with myself and my friends starring in the stories. But there was a period of time when I didn't write at all, or I was writing but not sharing it with anyone. I want this video to help me remember why I love digital media and writing when I'm feeling lost or have writer's block. I want to hesitate less to create content when I'm less than happy—even if it's just jotting my thoughts down in a notebook.  —Sharon Young


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