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Nataly Marte is a high school senior who loves reading, traveling, action and comedy films, and playing the guitar. When Nataly isn't in school, she's fantasizing about traveling the world and helping everyone she meets along the way.


Chaya Wilkins is a New York City based writer who has been published in a number of print and online publications. After receiving a degree in print journalism, she gained professional experience generating digital content in the fashion, beauty, marketing, creative, and media industries. Her ability to story-tell took on new form in a digital environment. Chaya found the perfect balance between her passion for writing and digital media as a contributor to various online publications including and, and she created her own blog. As a Girls Write Now mentor, Chaya wants to embolden her mentee to write and dream without limits, and uncover all that the digital atmosphere has to offer. 

I Rise is a short story about a young girl learning to appreciate her body regardless of what other people have told her. She gets the confidence she needs to pick her head up high.​ —Nataly Marte

I  R I S E

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