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I wrote About a Lemon Tree with a focus on imagery and conveying the speaker’s feelings about remembering and mourning. My mentor Kristina and I decided it would be interesting to extend the story of the poem with multimedia. Photo collages are a great way to do that since they capture specific moments, locking them within time. I personally photographed two pictures, used a website that adds polaroid frames, and assembled a collage. To record the audio, I used Audacity and had background music to set the atmosphere. I enjoyed creating this project and exploring different kinds of expression!




Revolutionary Moment


During a meeting, Masfi commented that fictional depictions of New York typically romanticize it. We decided to use writing to highlight a less grandiose telling of our city and did a free write with that as our topic. To our amazement, we both wrote about experiences on the subway, particularly the mystery of strangers. We marveled at how we both created stories out of the unextraordinary and realized, at that moment, that our minds were on the same wavelength. Freewrites have since been a highlight of our weekly meetings, always a mutual exchange of revelations and a love for words.

About A Lemon TreeMasfi Khan
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