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FreeKhalilah Wise



I used events I heard that went down at the two first frees and my current favorite song, Troye Sivan’s Happy Little Pill, to create this poem. I used innuendos from the song to show the drug use and where people use and buy them. Though the poem was easy to make, it took a long time to write because I didn't know if I should be blunt or if I should be creative. I ended up doing the creative way and was very proud of the outcome. I am glad I took a different direction with the piece because if I had not then it would have lacked the flow I wanted to convey my message.

Revolutionary Moment

Our revolutionary moment was when we were able to trust each other. This came about when I told Miriam about my relationship with my boyfriend and how it was getting pretty stressful. She was very concerned and offered ways she could help. This is our revolutionary moment because we became close, now we know that we both can trust each other with problems that are in our lives. Knowing I can trust her, I feel as if she is my best friend. I can tell her anything which makes me extremely happy.

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