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It was hard for me to choose a small amount of girls to discuss such a huge topic. I was inspired by a Girls Write Now prompt on body positivity. From there, I began asking questions like "What is body positivity?" Are all body types and ethnicities welcomed in the media? What is body negativity? How are girls affected by not only the media, but how they are sexualized in general? Afterwards, I immediately got a microphone and had a group discussion/interview. I had a lot of fun doing this project and I can't wait to do more like this!


Revolutionary Moment

When Girls Write Now assigned an interactive digital map exercise, Kathryn knew she wanted to capture her summer experience in Costa Rica and Maine, she just didn't know how. About two weeks before it was due, Ewa came up with the idea of making videos where Kathryn gives the audience stories and a small glimpse into what her summer was like. The collaboration resulted in Kathryn's best project yet. This also caused both Ewa and Kathryn to think outside of the box and be more open-minded to each others' ideas.


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