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It was a memoir piece that I had already completed, but I wanted to perfect it and add more. When choosing what story to tell about my life, I found it easier to write about a moment where I had watched everything unravel right in front of my eyes. My mentor and I used Audacity, Powerpoint, and a couple other softwares to create exactly what I wanted. I recorded myself reading my final draft of my memoir, then I listened to see what parts I could cut or add to, and I was left with a four to five minute excerpt which I later divided into sections. For each section of audio, I put a slideshow of images to go with it, adding one quote along with a image. It was difficult making sure the images and quotes were showcased at the right time, but the process was a fun learning experience overall.


Revolutionary Moment

We decided to take a break from our assignment one week and we just went to Central Park North and practiced some photography, including taking photos in and around the Harlem Meer. Lyndal used some of her prior knowledge to assist me in trying to capture the perfect image. We learned so much about each other and it became one of our favorite meeting places for exploring the area and going to events near by.










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