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Arnell lives in the Bronx and is in the eleventh grade at DPCHS. She currently is  learning Korean and K-pop. She loves anime and manga! Her goal to create an otome game, a Japanese story line game, that has strong and diverse female protagonists. Arnell first joined Girls Write Now because a friend of hers from the Writing & Mentoring Program literally tackled her down and said she should join. She was curious and wanted to try something new. The rest is a mystery. 


Julie Achilles is a New York-based videographer, writer and social media strategist. She is currently the senior content manager for Manhattan College, and considers herself an honorary Jasper, although she’s equally proud of being a #TempleMade graduate. Julie specializes in multimedia storytelling and short-form documentary work. She received the 2011 Jim Gardner Broadcast Award for a profile on a Nuremberg Trials sketch artist, and won Fair Trade Colleges and Universities’ first ever short film contest in 2012. Julie is thrilled and humbled to be a first-year mentor for Girls Write Now, and believes in creating media that makes an impact. Now let’s get this (R)evolution started!

Otome games are Japanese dating sims games that revolve around a visual novel. I've played many otome games, but realized I was not able to change my character’s skin tone or hair. If a male character was being rude I couldn't flip him off, or if there was a scary scene, I couldn't make my characters run away. My character was too weak. I wanted to create an otome game with Julie and my sister where the female characters are diverse and the plots are pro-feminism and not cliche. This quiz represents the variety of characters we've begun to develop for our game, and lets users explore different personalities and character types. —Arnell Reid


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