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Tiffany Naomi Wickham is a seventeen-year-old from Guyana living in New York City and striving to be one of the best teen writers. She considers herself both a writer and media maker. Writing is her favorite thing to do on a rainy day. This year Tiffany started a food blog, having alwway been passionate for food and is constantly searching for the most delicious food the city has to offer.



Paola Cossermelli Messina is a sound designer and freelance journalist of Arab-Italian descent born in Brazil and based in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 2009 and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Sound Studies at The New School. During her 3-year tenure as a producer at a major Brazilian radio station, she was published in O Estado de São Paulo newspaper and a variety of online sources. She is currently juggling a long list of exciting tasks, which include but aren't limited to: writing her thesis on Iranian women musicians, working in audio production for independent film projects, pitching articles on music & culture, and brainstorming ideas for her future comic book release.

This is about about how youth in NYC are fighting for their

rights as GSA members in their community. —Tiffany Wickham

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